What Do Millionaires Look for in a Relationship?

Attracting a millionaire’s attention, especially beyond the first sexual encounter, is always a challenge. You could argue that men are “hard-wired” to lose interest in a woman after a sexual conquest, since that’s when he actually thinks about important issues of compatibility, attraction and similar traits. When you’re dating a rich man on millionaire dating sites or offline, it’s an even bigger uphill challenge, since he will have plenty of other offers long after you’re gone.
How can you possibly hold a man’s attention when he has the whole world at his fingertips? It’s true, you do have to walk the line between “hard to get” and persistent. If he senses that you’re needy, he will lose interest. If he senses that you’re too disinterested, then rest assured he’s not going to beg for your attention. So how can you make sure to capture AND hold his interest?

1.Intelligence and Beauty

Let’s face it, this is a guy who feels he deserves both; intelligence and beauty. He will be impressed by a woman who clearly has both. This not only refers to physical beauty but also the effort a woman puts into preparing herself and looking fashionable and clean. Smart doesn’t just mean people smart or just book smart, but a combination of both. Maturity, class and the curiosity to know what’s happening in the world around you. Some of these millionaires dream about being politicians or activists, and so knowledge in environmental causes or social injustice is always a big plus.

2.Feed Into Their Fantasies

They have plenty of money, but believe it or not, not every millionaire has actually fulfilled all those crazy fantasies. Sometimes rich men feel shy about discussing these things, perhaps thinking that other people may find it silly or insulting. Therefore, showing yourself to be supportive and indulging these fantasies will always help you score major points. These fantasies are not always sexual either. Sometimes they may fantasize about revisiting their childhood or going to a comic book convention or perhaps trekking in the wilderness. Whatever it is, help them “escape” and have a wonderful life memory…with you as the center point.

3.Learn About Money

Yes this is a big one. It’s one thing to have a fling…but if you’re serious about nabbing a millionaire for marriage it’s time to learn how to manage money. Many of these guys are paranoid about losing all their fortune, and especially at the hands of a “gold digging” woman. Prove that you’re not shallow but appreciate how important managing finances are. Learn the basics of wealth building and wealth keeping and familiarize yourself with the economy. Showing yourself as a beautiful woman AND a shrewd accountant is a big plus.

4.Don’t Ask Him for Free Stuff

If you want a date, sure go right ahead. But if you’re serious about dating him, it is not wise to bring up the issue of money, and especially dangerous to ask for expensive things. This is just screaming to him that you want money, expensive things and luxury 24-7. A bad move.

5. Be Famous…or Be Creative

Hey it always helps if you’re a famous person and can keep him “high profile.” But if you can’t swing that, at least try an interesting hobby—such as acting, writing, drawing or music. It helps when you can be excellent in his presence, showing that you have abilities he will never possess. It makes you feel more “expensive” like a million dollar purchase he just has to make!
You can’t guarantee anything in life…but presenting yourself as a smart and successful person worthy of a millionaire will always improve your chances on millionaire dating sites or offline.

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