Why Millionaire Dating is so Much Fun

Dating someone of your own economic class can become monotonous, especially if you’re from a small to medium sized town.  You run in the same circles as your date.  Behaviors are predictable.  Even in larger cities where you have a wider choice of people to date, it doesn’t take long for the déjà vu to kick in and you tell yourself, “I know that type”.  However,

Millionaire Dates Try Harder  

The novelty of millionaire dating comes with a bonus; your date will try to be more innovative.  Instead of the same old dinner and movie, your date might wish to attend a cultural or sporting event, explore out-of-the-way entertainment venues or strive for a unique experience.  Partners also trend to try a little harder to impress when one partner is a millionaire.

If you’re a woman, your millionaire date might actually be more romantic in his attempts to woo and dazzle if you’re black and she’s white, or if she’s black and you’re white.  Many millionaires are attracted to interracial partners and vice versa.  The man might show up at your doorstep with flowers, take you to a restaurant where they serenade you, or ride around the city center in a carriage pulled by a horse.  That sounds like a romantic date…and money is never a concern!

One of the most wonderful things about interracial dating and millionaire dating, that is you’re no longer on the outside “looking in” on other cultural identities.  You’re on the inside, looking out at your Americanized landscape.  You learn the customs, the foods, the music, and the family traditions.  You may even have the chance to learn the language.  You have the chance to create a blended culture; one that takes the best aspects from both races for a homogenous yet diversified society.  You have the opportunity to teach others what you’ve learned from your interracial experiences, while never having to fret about money problems.

So Easy to be Mysterious

Everyone likes to feel a little mysterious.  When you’re dating a millionaire, your date doesn’t really know what to expect!  It’s easier to try on new attitudes, express more liberalized thoughts and interests and explore the things you always wanted to explore but never dared to before.  You haven’t been pegged.  You haven’t been categorized, and you can dream just as big as you please without fear of ridicule.

Your Millionaire Date Wants to Know What Makes You Tick

Within your own group of friends, they’ve got you all figured out, and rarely scratch below the surface.  Your unique characteristics don’t stand out.  You might have a passion for individual sports, but it’s only circumstantial to the same group of people you’re accustomed to hanging out with.  A millionaire date is exotic and discovering who the other person is, how you come from two very different worlds, is half the charm.
Although millionaire dating and interracial dating are becoming more common, there are still a lot of barriers to overcome.  Those who date interracially also have a great deal of sensitivities to the well-being and comfort of their date.  The same is true of singles who are wealthy and looking to date someone who appreciates their unique personality—not just their money.

It’s a world of exploration, discovering each other’s boundaries and delighting as much in differences as in similarities.  Your vision opens up as you step outside your racial and social economic “hub” and become incorporated into the world of infinite possibilities.

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