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People wonder, if they can succeed with the millionaire dating or millionaire matchmaking services. In fact, dating is not done in conventional way like it was few years ago. The concept is being changed with the effect of technology. Whether you are a millionaire or not, would love to maintain a long lasting relationship. Some of the matchmaker couples end up unsuccessfully due to a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is the distrust. However, Herewith this article, we would like to show you some examples of being success through millionaire matchmaker services. This will be a great assist for people to overcome their doubts about the success of millionaire matchmaking.

Some millionaire dating sites say that they are responsible for a 99%, YES 99% success rate in finding real love for its clients. Whatever the fact is, here we would like to show you a good example for a couple of success stories emerged through The Millionaire Matchmaker. Let’s continue to read their success stories.

This success story is about a former NFL player Mitch Berger and a swimsuit model. Mitch told ESPN that he was known to be a single party guy although he took the advantage of being an NFL player. He further said the situation was not an ideal one to find a lifetime soul mate.

He retired in 2009 and moved to his home in Vancouver. But, even after his retirement, he faced an utter struggle in finding his life partner among the clubs and the bars. As per a suggestion of a friend, Berger tried Patti Stanger’s Millionaire Club. Berger met Patti and described his future date.

Stanger called former NBA player John Salley seeking his advice for Berger on transitioning from hookups to settling down. All three agreed to keep Berger’s NFL history a secret and introduce him as a venture capitalist.

Knowing the Berger’s preference for a spunky beauty, Stanger picked Bambi Lashell, a 31-year-old swimsuit model and radio host, to attend the group matchmaking session.

After all, during their first real date, there seem to be a great understanding between them, which led Lashell to describe it to Stanger as “the best date” she’s ever had. Berger also was inspired by romance and everything appeared to be perfectly going on. After a mild investigation work, Berger and Lashell actually got engaged and planned their wedding. Berger told ESPN that they plan to have kids right away.

There is another Millionaire Matchmaker Success Story to mention. That is the accidental love connection grew between chef Khristianne Uy, winner of The Tasteon NBC, and Brittany Weiner. In fact, Khristianne Uy is the first lesbian millionaire client of Patti. Khristianne was not interested in dating a woman she goes out on the show, instead she built a relationship with Brittany through Millionaire matchmaker mixer. Khristianne and Brittany was barely spoken to each other before they met, but now they are dating for more than two years.

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