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Many people wonder how to pick the best millionaire dating website among a large amount of options available in the internet today. Herewith we would like to offer you some help in deciding which dating site to choose according to your requirement. The millionaire dating websites mentioned here are specifically dedicated to wealthy people concerning their special type of needs and interests. In fact, when you look for a best match website, you should consider if it allows to verify its members’ current status, society, living style, total earnings, and interests etc. As an assist for you, the following article points out the most successful dating websites for millionaires in order to pick their life partners.
Millionaire match
This website is ranked top in our list. This is a great website for those who want to date a millionaire. It is open for both men and women generally from a lucrative financial background. You may find considerably more men than women on this particular site. It has a clear design, user friendly interface and a very good success rate. In fact this site helps single millionaires to find their best match with ease and spend their lives in a wonderful way.

Membership fee:
1 month – (about $2.30 / day) or 1 Payment of $70.00
3 months – (about $45.00 / month) or 1 Payment of $135.00
6 months – (about $35.00 / month) or 1 Payment of $210.00

No. of Active members: 2,300,000 +

MillionaireDate is a website which connects rich singles that are looking for perfect partners. It includes various features to make your search is a realistic one. If your intention is to date a millionaire as per you preference, MillionaireDate is the ideal solution for you. Its features lead you to reach wealthy men and women nearby pretty easily. This particular millionaire dating site contains a large database of genuine rich singles to pick upon your desire.

Membership fee:
1 month – $60
3 months – $120
6 months – $180

No of active members: 2,100,000 +

Luxy is a millionaire dating app built for wealthy and pretty people. The name Luxy stands for luxury. To use this app, the users must fulfill some requirements. This app needs specific requirements to be fulfilled in order to be eligible to use it. If you are man, you should at least make $200,000 an year and if you are a woman you should make at least a $100,000 annually. This app is beneficial for executive grade professionals and lucrative entrepreneurs who are lacking of time to seek their perfect life partner. Luxy lists its members’ earnings, so that others can see how wealthy you are. It also recommends you to post your pictures of your lavish life style in order to prove who you are.

Membership fee:
1 month – $99.99
3 months – $239.99
6 months – $349.99

No of active members: 200,000 +

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